The Bridgeport Regional Business Council plays an active and vital role as a partner to the regional business community by fulfilling its mission to create an environment for business expansion, retention, and recruitment. A key component of the BRBC work plan is to support and sustain economic growth for the Greater Bridgeport Region and in doing so support and sustain growing the business opportunities for BRBC member investors.

The BRBC carries out its mission in many and varied ways:

Utilizing the collective clout of member investors to bring public resources into the region in support of development projects

Appearing before local land use bodies to support a pro-business/pro-development land use agenda

Providing volunteer and other resources to regional municipalities for economic development initiatives from planning to project support

Taking positions on matters of public policy relative to economic development and utilizing the BRBC's collective clout to move policy forward in support of goals 

Partnering with local communities on marketing, business retention, and planning efforts

Regionalizing the economic development work of the BRBC with such programs as the One Coast, One Future Economic Development Strategy for the 14 town Long Island Sound coastal region (link to One Coast)

Providing business recruitment and retention services to the City of Bridgeport and the region through The Center for Sustainable Business Growth

Assisting the City of Bridgeport in an effort to bring green industries to the city and create green jobs

Supporting and managing the Eco-Technology Park located in the west end of Bridgeport (link to Eco-Technology summary map)

Developing regional marketing initiatives such as The QR - Quarterly Review of Economic Development a digital and print publication designed to highlight key economic development projects in the region.

Partnering with the City of Bridgeport and The Barnum Festival to redefine and revitalize the festival as an economic development generator (link to