Edward Lavernoich


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David Levine, Cohen and Wolf PC; BEDCO Board Chair

George Estrada, Town of Trumbull; BEDCO Board Vice Chair

Paul Timpanelli, Hodson Realty; BEDCO Treasurer

Edward Lavernoich; BEDCO President & Secretary of the Board

Andre Baker Jr, State Representative, 124th District

John Bundschuh, M&T Bank

Albert Carbone, AVANGRID/UIL

Maureen Funke, Greenbox-is

Carolyn Gonzalez, Capital for Change

Janene Hawkins, City of Bridgeport

Charles Scott, Tri-State Realty

William Coleman, City of Bridgeport


Kenneth Oppedisano, Main Enterprises Inc., BEDCO Board Chair 2007-2017


Representative Ezequiel Santiago 1973-2019. Dedicated BEDCO Board Director 2011-2019, Vice Chairman from 2015 until his passing.

The Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation (BEDCO), an affiliate of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC), is a non-profit economic development corporation formed under US IRS laws as a 501(c)3 corporate entity and recognized as a charitable organization in good standing by the State of Connecticut.  BEDCO can undertake a broad range of economic and community development activities with a determined focus of helping public, private and neighborhood partner organizations implement their worthy ideas. BEDCO is governed by its own Board of Directors, comprised of nominees from the BRBC Board of Directors, and appointees from the City of Bridgeport’s Mayor.

​Planned 2023 Activities and Goals:

  • Act as fiduciary of the Community Environmental Benefit Fund (CEBF) for the Bridgeport Environmental Task Force (ETF) and distribute the entire CEBF to worthy projects selected by the ETF by December 31, 2023.
  • Facilitate commencement of construction of the new Nano Solutions Building on Bunnell Street, Seaview Avenue Industrial Park.
  • Facilitate completion of construction of the new McBride Electric Building on Central Avenue and Williston Street, Seaview Avenue Industrial Park.
  • Complete DEEP closeout for environmental remediation in Seaview Avenue Industrial Park, achieving “No Further Action” status.
  • Contract for and process $4.77 Million State brownfield remediation and infrastructure grants for Cherry Street Lofts Phase III and Phase IV projects.
  • Assist the East End NRZ and City of Bridgeport in the completion of construction of the Stage 1 project for the Mt Growmore Campus by September 30, 2023. Assist the City and EENRZ, as requested, with grant administration ($3 Million State and Federal committed) for the Stage 2 and Stage 3 projects. Stage 1 Project: Microgreen Container Farm requiring 4-7,000 Sq Ft of land area. Stage 2 Project: Commercial-scale greenhouse of 20,000 Sq FT or more, requiring 30,000 Sq Ft or more of land area. Stage 3 Project: Wellness Campus consisting of office space, classrooms, and meeting space of undetermined size.

  • Partnering with the Downtown Special Service District (DSSD), receive a Community Investment Fund Grant for feasibility analysis of the Downtown Bridgeport Public Market and Local Business Accelerator. With DSSD, assist in the creation of a development/business plan for the project that can successfully compete for a Community Investment Fund Grant to implement the project.
  • Bridgeport Neighborhood Partnership Initiative: Achieve 2-4 partnerships (other than EENRZ and DSSD) with neighborhood organizations for projects. Help at least 2 neighborhood partners access funding that they would not have otherwise been able to access for worthy projects.
  • Assist City of Bridgeport Office of Planning and Economic Development with the environmental closeout of City-owned 1503 State Street, and the transfer of the property to DeYulio’s Sausage Company.
  • Complete the Bridgeport Brass Redevelopment Planning Project, with grant close-out, having created a useful library of technical and legal information about the site for the City of Bridgeport, State of Connecticut and private owners within the complex.
  • Provide continual staff support to AVANGRID/ UI for its economic and community development efforts, including its participation in the Bridgeport Regional Energy Partnership, hydrogen economy priorities, and local energy resiliency projects.


Typical BEDCO Activities

  • Assemble land for industrial and commercial expansion when statutorily designated as Development Agency for the City of Bridgeport
  • Administer brownfield assessments and remedial activities.
  • Provide grant/financing administration services for private companies and developers receiving state economic development assistance
  • Provide grant/financing administration services and project management for neighborhood organizations
  • Provide cost-effective capacity for the City and State’s economic development efforts
  • Serve as fiscal/fiduciary sponsor for grant and foundation funding.

Illustrious Past and Current BEDCO projects

  • Boston Avenue Industrial Park
  • Devar Instrumentation expansion
  • Chapin & Bangs expansion
  • Carpenter Technology expansion
  • Producto Machine expansion
  • Lacey Manufacturing expansion (3X)
  • Bridgeport Innovation Center modernization
  • Read’s Artspace adaptive reuse
  • Arcade Hotel acquisition and restoration
  • Modern Plastics expansion, West End Municipal Development Project
  • Seaview Avenue Industrial Park

  • Management of project infrastructure and property improvement funding for Lower East Side Development Corporation
  • Lower West End Coastal Resiliency Project
  • Bridgeport Brass Redevelopment Planning Project
  • State Grant Fiduciary & Conduit for Cherry Street Lofts Project Phase III
  • Fiscal Sponsor/Designated Organization for Community Environmental Benefits Agreement
  • Fiscal Sponsor for East Side Neighborhood Revitalization Zone’s East Main St Banners Project
  • Fiduciary & Conduit for Building Resilient Inclusive Communities (BRIC) grant to the East End NRZ.

BEDCO has proudly done business with the following local MBEs since 2016

  • America View Productions, Bridgeport
  • Aunt Viv’s Homestyle Cooking, Bridgeport
  • Brown Construction, Bridgeport
  • Engineers Ironworks, Bridgeport
  • Four Star Movers, Bridgeport
  • Freeman Companies, Hartford
  • JESCO Builders, Bridgeport
  • PrintabiliTees, Bridgeport & Stamford
  • Pryceless Consulting, Bridgeport
  • Resource Services, Bridgeport
  • WC McBride Electrical Contracting, Bridgeport



M&T Bank Charitable Foundation

Santa Energy