Get Rooted. Grow. Give Back


The BRBC Leadership & Development Network comprises two pillars, Leadership Greater Bridgeport and Women Leadership Network; these signature programs provide professional development that allows participants to Get Rooted, Grow, and Giveback. These initiatives have been a staple in serving as our Leadership funnel and connecting membership to opportunities through networking.  ​

  • Leadership Greater Bridgeport (LGB)  is a comprehensive and intensive development initiative designed to empower individuals in our community to become effective and impactful leaders in their respective fields. The program aims to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to lead with vision, inspire teams, and drive positive change.
  • The Women's Leadership Network (WLN) is a dynamic and inclusive community that aims to empower and advance women in various industries, promoting gender equality and fostering a supportive environment for female professionals to thrive. ​
  • Professional Development- Education & Entrepreneurship The Bridgeport Leadership Network is committed to professional and entrepreneur development opportunities at all career stages. We organize skill-building workshops, mentorship programs, leadership training, entrepreneurship, and networking events to nurture talent and help advance careers.