Business Relationship Network (Leads Group)

Philip Conner

Membership Director

Phone: 203.335.3800


The BRBC Business Relationship Network (BRN) is a vital component of our organization, facilitating connections and collaboration among professionals across various industries. Through meetings and events, members have the opportunity to cultivate both personal and professional relationships, ultimately leading to business expansion through valuable leads and connections. This network serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to broaden their business ventures and establish enduring connections within the professional community.

The Business Referral Network (BRN) is a highly sought-after networking group that is open exclusively to members of the BRBC. Each industry or business category is limited to one representative, ensuring a diverse and non-competitive environment. The group meets on the second & forth Tuesdays of each month at 8 a.m. in the BRBC Conference Room, providing ample opportunities for members to connect, share referrals, and build valuable business relationships.

Tuesday BRN Roster

For more information on joining the group, please contact Philip Conner at 203 335-3800 or

Joe Distefano

Data Tel was founded in 1994 by high school classmates Rick Santella and Joe Distefano. Primarily a sub-contractor for SNET/SBC and Executone in the 90’s we decided to work directly with the end user in the early 2000’s. We earned numerous awards over the years, always putting our customers first. We are still owner operated and offer Business Telephone Systems (Cloud/VoIP), CCTV, Managed IT Services and Structured Cabling.

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