Eco Technology Park

The City of Bridgeport's B Green 2020 Sustainability Initiative led to the creation of the Bridgeport Eco-Technology Park, a national urban model for renewable energy generation and green business development.

Link to view our 2016 Report: Bridgeport Eco-Technology Park


A New Planning Approach for the Eco-Technology Park Area West End Coastal Resilience Planning 

With the ongoing support of two Mayoral Administrations and the business community, the Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation (BEDCO) has been creating a redevelopment strategy to expand the existing West End Municipal Development Plan (MDP) into the Eco-Technology Park area south of I-95.  

The original West End MDP resulted in over $100 Million of private investment on and around the State Street corridor from 1995 until 2010.

Recent changes to the Federal Emergency Management Agency flood map revealed that the lower West End is increasingly vulnerable to coastal flooding during 100-year storm events, a trend that is expected to continue and accelerate.  Without a realistic flood mitigation solution for the Eco-Tech park area, property insurance and financing may be more difficult to obtain, also making the attraction of private investment to the area more difficult.

A new approach to promote and protect investment in the area was needed and is now underway.  The planning effort emphasizes resilience on a property and block- specific basis, largely focused on land uses adaptable to occasional flooding events. Development and building standards are being researched, with the hope that policies utilized elsewhere can be adopted locally to minimize coastal flooding damage and business interruptions.

The planning effort is funded primarily through a grant from the State of Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development, with financial support from Santa Energy Corporation. 

A neighborhood stakeholders meeting, hosted by O&G Industries at its Earth Products Showcase on Hancock Avenue, was held on January 9th, 2019. BEDCO’s consultant Milone & MacBroom presented its planning work to-date and solicited input on resiliency strategies.   

The City of Bridgeport’s updated Plan of Conservation and Development (Master Plan), due for adoption in the Spring, will include a discussion of past objectives, current issues and a plan for the Eco Tech Park area. The City’s new Master Plan will establish the policy foundation for modifications to the Bridgeport Zoning Ordinance, as well as prioritizing public capital expenditures.  

For information about the West End Coastal Resilience Planning effort, contact Edward Lavernoich at BEDCO, (203) 335-3800 .  

For information about the City of Bridgeport’s Plan of Conservation and Development, contact City Planning Director Lynn Haig, (203) 576-7221 or go to