BRBC Ambassadors

The BRBC Ambassadors are a select group of enthusiastic volunteers who work with new members of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council to help them make the most of their membership.

The Ambassadors visit new members to deliver their membership directory, answer any questions they may have, and welcome them to the Bridgeport Regional Business Council.

The Ambassadors interview new members during the visit to determine how each new member can best take advantage of all the benefits of membership to help their business grow.

The Ambassadors also attend and volunteer at BRBC events throughout the year to help new members and prospective members feel welcome and to inform them about all the great programs and benefits that the Bridgeport Regional Business Council offers.

The Ambassador program is open to BRBC members only and meets monthly.   If you are interested in learning more about serving as a BRBC Ambassador, contact 203.335.3800.