Mickey's Mail - 11/22/17 Happy Thanksgiving!

So, speaking of “happy”, as we enter the holiday season, let us give thanks that we live in one of the happiest areas in America. 

National Geographic‘s Dan Buettner and Gallup’s social scientists recently developed an index that assesses measurable expressions of happiness and identified where Americans are living their best lives.  

Nearly 250,000 adults were interviewed in 190 metropolitan areas and lo and behold, our Bridgeport- Stamford-Norwalk metro area ranked 8th best in the entire country!

We received high grades because of our proximity to New York City, and our endless cultural experiences nearby. The index also revealed that we have many locals who “stay put for work”, and we have one of the largest concentrations of corporations in the country. 

  Mickey's Mail - 11/14/17 Economic Development Briefing & Pet Peeves

If you haven’t registered yet for our Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce’s 1st Economic Development Briefing in about a decade, then do so. It’s a breakfast meeting Thursday morning from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn. Your $50 ticket gives you an opportunity to hear from Mayor Joe Ganim and three prominent developers who are changing the face of Bridgeport. 

Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation's Ed Lavernoich will moderate a panel of these developers who will acquaint you with exciting new developments in the west end, the east end and downtown. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll almost certainly come away with a sense of renewed optimism about Bridgeport. 

To register, call our office (203-335-3800) or go to our website

  Mickey's Mail - 11/8/17 “Entrepreneurialism”

Last Thursday afternoon, the BRBC’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) hosted a panel of experts in a program entitled “What is Your Brand ID?”. WLC’s Board Chair, Mary Beth Nelsen, did a top-notch job facilitating the event, and the panelists were in a word, superb.

They were a perse panel in terms of their backgrounds and experiences, as was the audience which included college students to seasoned executives from large corporations. Throughout my career, I have believed ever so strongly in the importance of branding, both in our places of work, and in our personal lives. And each one of our panelists, in their own distinct way, clearly displayed their strong belief in branding as a core part of how to market your business.

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