Mickey's Mail - 1/17/18 - Teamwork When the Chips Are Down

54 years ago, I was In Washington, DC the day Martin Luther King, Jr. gave one of the most inspiring speeches of my lifetime. I wish I could say I was at the Lincoln Memorial. I was not, but I remember his speech like he gave it yesterday! 

  Mickey's Mail - 1/10/18 - A Blue Ocean Strategy

Last week, I spoke of how our BRBC Board of Directors would be engaging in a strategic planning retreat at the end of this month, the first such effort in a few years.

We are committed to having our organization be able to effect meaningful change in our region by fulfilling our mission to grow jobs, tax base, and our economy. At the same time, we want our plan for a transformed BRBC and our affiliate structure to include relevant programs and services that deliver value to all members. 

  Mickey's Mail - 1/3/18 - Happy New Year

Last year at this time, I was a mere two months into my job as your BRBC President and CEO. And even though I had been coming to BRBC board meetings since about 3 B.P. (“Before Paul”), I was certainly a relative novice at managing the BRBC and its many affiliate entities. My commitment when I took the job was to transform our organization, but, truthfully, I wasn’t even sure what that would entail.

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