Mickey's Mail - October 24, 2018

 Mickey's Mail: 10-24-18

My Mickey’s Mail last week was the 98th I have written since I wrote the first one on November 9, 2016, just nine days into my new role at the time as BRBC’s President & CEO.  I am now seven days from the end of my two-year commitment to this position, and it sure seems like the time flew past. 

The whole notion of Mickey’s Mail as I stated in my very first missive was to keep our entire BRBC family as informed as I can about what is happening at the BRBC as well as anything else that I think may interest you, our member companies.  The actual distribution has grown well beyond just our member companies to all our “stakeholders”. And I believe we have succeeded, in general, in raising the awareness of what the BRBC is all about, and in speaking as an impassioned voice on behalf of our business community. I’m also proud of the fact that in two years, we only missed a couple weeks in producing and distributing Mickey’s Mail.  So, this is Issue #99 with one final issue due next week (#100).

Reveling in our Expo for Business & Innovation 2018

Last Tuesday, as you know, we held our first business expo in several years at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport. It was hard work for our small staff, and we received a yeoman’s effort from Jocelyn Paoletta, who simply did an amazing job. We are soliciting and receiving feedback from our exhibitors, our sponsors and all our attendees.  At this early stage, we are gaining confidence that we can make this expo an annual event and can build and improve on it each year hereafter.  If you were involved at all with the Expo, respond to this blog by telling me what you thought of it. The art work depicted here was a painting that artist Liz Squillace drew and painted during the Expo.  What a great job she did!

Let’s Play Two!

When I started as BRBC CEO two years ago, we had a great welcoming event at Brewport. An earlier event had been held in September that year thanking Paul Timpanelli for his extraordinary 28 years as BRBC’s CEO.  This year we decided to combine the two events into a single “Let’s Play Two” (thank you, baseball Hall of famer Ernie Banks for that favorite baseball quote) event which our 2018 Barnum Festival Ringmaster Johnny Vazzano has agreed to host at his Vazzano’s Four Seasons in Stratford on November 7 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  We will be welcoming our new CEO, Dan Onofrio, who starts his job on November 1 and bidding adieu to yours truly whose last day is October 31.  Click here HERE to register for this event which will include an antipasto station, a pasta station, a carving station and more.

Laura Skandera Trombley to keynote our December 4 Annual Dinner

Our biggest event of the year is coming on December 4 when we will be hosting our 145th Annual Dinner at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Bridgeport, beginning at 5:30 PM. We are delighted that the University of Bridgeport’s new President, Laura Skandera Trombley, will be our keynote speaker.  Note how the latest edition of the Fairfield County Business Journal is featuring Laura on its cover.  Save the date for now and we will be sending out information shortly on how to register for this gala affair.

Mickey’s Mail #100

When I owned the Bridgeport Bluefish professional baseball team, I wrote a blog then, too, which was also called Mickey’s Mail.  When I wrote my last one after the 2005 baseball season I signed off “Sine Die” which Merriam-Webster defines as without any future date being designated (as for resumption)INDEFINITELY.  I sold the team at the end of that year but always remained a stalwart fan and kept my “priceless” seats next to the Bluefish dugout.  In a sense, the same thing is happening this time.  I’m leaving my role as BRBC CEO but will stay on the BRBC board of directors and will attend its Executive Committee meetings.  And, without a doubt, I will remain a stalwart fan of this organization and will do whatever I can to support Dan Onofrio in his new role as my successor.