Mickey's Mail - April 25, 2018

 Mickey's Mail - 4/25/18

My dad worked his whole career for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in the shadow of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge several miles south of downtown Washington, DC. He was even able to get me an intern’s job there one summer when I was in college. We lived in District Heights, MD, in Prince Georges County, about a 20-minute drive to NRL.  
When I first became aware of MGM’s interest in establishing an entertainment center on the waterfront here in Bridgeport, it didn’t take me long to learn that in late 2016 MGM had opened one of its world-class facilities just on the other side of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge where my Dad had worked over 40 years earlier.
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was quoted as saying that MGM Resorts’ $1.4 billion National Harbor destination is “one of the most important economic development projects in Maryland history”.  
Wow! Right near where my dad worked and where I grew up. This I had to see for myself. So, two weeks ago, my wife, Jackie, and I drove to Annapolis to visit my brother, and then checked into MGM National Harbor’s Hotel for two nights. 
Frankly, we had our socks knocked off. Out first afternoon, we visited the casino itself, and spent all of about 20 minutes there. 
We’re not big gaming enthusiasts, so we left and spent the next two days enjoying the restaurants and entertainment in this amazing resort, and the nearby shops and waterfront in National Harbor and across the Potomac River (12 minutes away) of Olde Towne, Alexandria, VA.
Two days after we returned to CT, I was a guest, along with Bridgeport City Council members, at the site where MGM Bridgeport would be located, just across the Yellow Mill River from Steel Point (where Bass Pro Shops is located). 
All I could think of was how incredible it will be if Bridgeport gets an entertainment facility like MGM National Harbor where I grew up.  
Talk about a “kicking-the-tires” experience! I only wish that every one of you reading this blog could yourselves do what Jackie and I did: observe first-hand what an entertainment resort like MGM National Harbor could do for our region, and for our state. At the BRBC, we are all about economic development, job creation and increasing tax revenues. It is hard for me to imagine a more ideal opportunity to increase prosperity staring us in the face right here on our waterfront, with what MGM Bridgeport is offering up to us.  
We should be shouting off the rooftops about this!
We cannot let this prospect pass us by!
‘Nuff said!