Mickey's Mail - January 10, 2018

  Mickey's Mail - 1/10/18 - A Blue Ocean Strategy

Last week, I spoke of how our BRBC Board of Directors would be engaging in a strategic planning retreat at the end of this month, the first such effort in a few years.

We are committed to having our organization be able to effect meaningful change in our region by fulfilling our mission to grow jobs, tax base, and our economy. At the same time, we want our plan for a transformed BRBC and our affiliate structure to include relevant programs and services that deliver value to all members. 

To that end we have engaged a highly-respected “corporate anthropologist” to lead us in this strategic planning endeavor. Her name is Andi Simon, a trained practitioner in “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

In the past decade she has given over 250 workshops and speeches to a wide range of clients to help them redesign their strategies, and open new markets. 

This past Friday, Andi met with our BRBC Executive Committee to introduce us to what we will experience at our retreat in three weeks. Among other things, Andi told us the heavy lifting will come after our retreat as we go about implementing whatever change we determine makes the most sense for our organization.

I salute our Board of Directors for committing their time to attend this retreat (Andi even gave us her book, On the Brink, to read-prepare in advance for this exercise). Also, you should know that several companies represented by our board have stepped up and agreed to sponsor this important initiative so that our small business, dues-paying members won’t have to foot the bill for our costs. 

After we meet, look to this space where I will be writing about what we came up with.

No job growth in Connecticut!

Through the first 11 months of last year, job growth in Connecticut has been flat, while the New England states have experienced job growth of 1.2%, and national growth is at 1.4%.  

Worse yet, from July through November of last year, Connecticut lost 15,300 jobs, and has recovered only 70% of the jobs lost during the 2008-2010 recession.  

These rather dismal statistics prompted Connecticut Business & Industry Association economist Peter Gioia to opine "We need bold reforms to jump start our stalled economy, and we need a retooling of our jobs pipeline".

You will recall that my Mickey’s Mail last week spoke of how critical I feel it is for the BRBC to focus on economic development for our region (and for the whole state).  Our retreat is coming at an ideal time since, frankly, we really need to figure out how to grow local jobs and tax revenue, now more than ever.