Mickey's Mail - December 13, 2017

  Mickey's Mail - 12/13/17 - Corporate Winners, Another Pet Peeve, and Branding our State

Congrats to Corvus Capital Partners, and Future Healthcare Systems!

These are two companies I have written about in the recent past because they are both real business success stories for our region. And they both have just received special recognition at the Connecticut Economic Resource Center’s Celebrate Connecticut! Annual Awards ceremony held on November 30th at The Bushnell in Hartford.  

Corvus Capital, LLC, as you know, is creating a workforce-housing village complex with up to 325 residential units, along with small shops, a grocery store, charter school, open space and a community center, right in the West End of Bridgeport.

The company has a long track record of rehabilitating older, antiquated buildings, and repositioning them for workforce housing in the greater New York area. Congrats to Gary Flocco with Geof Ravenstine of Corvus Capital, LLC, pictured presenting project to the BRBC Board earlier this year in photo above.

Future Healthcare Systems (FHS), of course, has created a state-of-the-art medical waste processing facility in Bridgeport to sterilize, recycle and dispose of non-hazardous medical waste in Bridgeport’s South End Eco-Technology Park.

This facility is open for business and reducing the area’s carbon footprint, creating local jobs and reducing potential liability for Connecticut hospitals and other medical facilities.

A hallmark of FHS is to provide employment opportunities to the re-entry community and support second-chance initiatives which it is doing right here in Bridgeport. Congrats to Charlie Dippolito, Jr. of Future Health Care Systems pictured here in his new facility.

Another Pet Peeve

Thanks to Doug Wade of Wade's Dairy, Inc. for pointing this one out: when an e-mail is sent out to a large audience requiring inpidual responses and the responder hits “Reply All” instead of “Reply” and we all end up with a very clogged e-mail Inbox.  For sure, one of my pet peeves, too.

Branding of our State

How effective is Connecticut in branding itself in such a way that it can change perceptions of our state, and even recruit out-of-state businesses to locate here, and tourists to view our state as a destination location?

Thanks to Bernard Kavaler, editor of Connecticut By The Numbers for pointing out that a study prepared for the state, “The Economic Impact of Travel in Connecticut”, released last March, found that Connecticut’s tourism industry generated $14.7 billion in total business sales in 2015, a 4.6 percent increase over 2013, generating 82,688, the fifth straight year of an uptick of those jobs.

And the state’s recently adopted two-year budget includes $6.8 million for statewide tourism marketing in 2017-18 and $4.1 million for 2018-19. The state’s branding slogan “Still Revolutionary” remains in place. 

And here’s my editorial comment:

Imagine how that $14.7 billion in tourist business sales in 2015 would soar with the opening of a world-class casino right here in Bridgeport?!?!