Mickey's Mail - November 29, 2017

  Mickey's Mail - 11/29/17 - Count Down to the BIG Day!

The biggest business event of the year for the Bridgeport region is just six days away...If you haven’t registered yet – do it NOW!

We are rapidly filling all our seats for this gala affair which promises to be both informative and fun.

Join us next Tuesday evening, December 5, beginning at 5:30 PM at the Trumbull Marriott.  



Or give us a call at 203-335-3800 – we are happy to take your reservation over the phone.

Our keynote speaker is James Murren, the Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International. Jim is a Bridgeport native, and will speak to us about MGM’s plans to invest nearly $700 million into our region by working with Bridgeport Landing Development to grow Connecticut’s tourism market by providing access to New York City’s underserved gaming market.  

No matter how you feel about gaming, you owe it to yourself to come out and hear Jim and his 100% privately-financed construction plans for our Bridgeport waterfront.  

Other highlights of the evening are our BRBC Leadership Awards we announce at the dinner: The Paul S Timpanelli Leadership Award, the Susan L. Davis Leadership Award (sponsored by St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation), and the Rising Star Leadership Award (sponsored by ConnectiCare).

This really is a special evening you won’t want to miss.

We can't thank our Presenting Sponsor, TD Bank and our Event Sponsor, People's United Bank enough for their continued support in helping us deliver timely and relevant events to our BRBC members and the community.

Pet Peeves Redux:

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a half-dozen pet peeves I have, and got a big reaction from readers. Many of you mentioned my #1 pet peeve...chatty dental hygienists. Everyone who wrote to me agreed that this is utterly annoying. And a few of you shared with me your pet peeves.  

How about when you thank someone, and the response you get is “no problem”? Seems the appropriate response, especially in a business setting should be “you’re welcome”. Of course, in French, a traditional reply is “jet’en prie” which means “don’t worry about it”. And in Spanish, you often hear “de nada” which means “it was nothing”. 

Another one: In the checkout lane at the supermarket where the cashier keeps bantering with the bagger, or the cashier at the next register instead of focusing on you, the customer.  

Finally, how about jaywalkers who cut across the street when they are only a few car lengths from a crosswalk, even while pushing a baby stroller, or with a toddler clutching their hand? Even worse, the people who dart between parked cars into moving traffic!

Ever seen anyone called out, or even arrested, for doing that? I knew a work associate who was arrested for jaywalking on an abandoned street in South Carolina, with no cars in sight, either parked or moving.

There is a time to enforce the law and a time to let common sense prevail, people. Know the difference!

Famous maxims misattributed to Abraham Lincoln:

In 1992, President Ronald Reagan, nearing the end of his 8 years as our president stood before a nationwide audience at the Republican National Convention and delivered a speech (link to speech) in which he erroneously attributed four of these maxims to Lincoln:

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”  

These maxims had been written in 1916 by the Reverend William John Henry Boetcker who was a Presbyterian minister and notable public speaker at that time. Once Reagan attributed the maxims to Lincoln, it became part of Honest Abe’s legacy, even if not exactly true.

Profound words that resonated in 1916, 1992, and today.