Mickey's Mail - November 22, 2017

  Mickey's Mail - 11/22/17 Happy Thanksgiving!

So, speaking of “happy”, as we enter the holiday season, let us give thanks that we live in one of the happiest areas in America. 

National Geographic‘s Dan Buettner and Gallup’s social scientists recently developed an index that assesses measurable expressions of happiness and identified where Americans are living their best lives.  

Nearly 250,000 adults were interviewed in 190 metropolitan areas and lo and behold, our Bridgeport- Stamford-Norwalk metro area ranked 8th best in the entire country!

We received high grades because of our proximity to New York City, and our endless cultural experiences nearby. The index also revealed that we have many locals who “stay put for work”, and we have one of the largest concentrations of corporations in the country. 

There were only 4 other metro areas on the east coast (Portland, ME; Washington, DC area; Manchester-Nashua, NH; and Barnstable, MA) that made the top 25. California had 8 areas in the top 25, and the #1 happiest metro area: Boulder, CO. The unhappiest area: Charleston, WV.

Buettner pointed out in happier places, locals smile and laugh more often, socialize several hours a day, have access to green spaces and feel they are making purposeful progress toward achieving life goals.

In the midst of our oh-so-busy lives, especially at this time of year, let’s pause and acknowledge that we have much to be thankful for. Not only this year, but every year.

And, I can’t resist reminding everyone that our Annual Dinner is fast approaching, and we have an extraordinary keynote speaker this year in “local boy” Jim Murren, the Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International.

The event is December 5, starting at 5:30 PM at the Trumbull Marriott. Get your reservations in as soon as possible by going to our website at or calling us at 203-335-3800.

The BRBC is thankful for the support of all our BRBC friends and family and we wish you and yours a most Happy Thanksgiving!