Mickey's Mail - November 14, 2017

  Mickey's Mail - 11/14/17 Economic Development Briefing & Pet Peeves

If you haven’t registered yet for our Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce’s 1st Economic Development Briefing in about a decade, then do so. It’s a breakfast meeting Thursday morning from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn. Your $50 ticket gives you an opportunity to hear from Mayor Joe Ganim and three prominent developers who are changing the face of Bridgeport. 

Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation's Ed Lavernoich will moderate a panel of these developers who will acquaint you with exciting new developments in the west end, the east end and downtown. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll almost certainly come away with a sense of renewed optimism about Bridgeport. 

To register, call our office (203-335-3800) or go to our website

Totally shifting gears, as we approach the holiday season, I thought I would share with you a few of my pet peeves that I suspect many of you share with me.

1. Chatty dentists and dental hygienists: When I go to a dentist, I want to get in and out of the office. I am not interested in chatting about anything and everything under the sun. Especially since most of the time there is something in my mouth, such as someone else’s hand. Thus, it is often difficult or impossible to respond anyway to the dental provider’s incessant and often mindless chatter. In this case, quality customer service is just shutting up and doing your job.

2. Narcissism: Truth be told, we all have a little narcissism in our psyche which is probably a good thing. But some people go way, way overboard as though the whole world evolves around him or her. Many times, I have been tempted to scream “get over yourself”! Which I often do once the narcissist is out of ear shot.

3. A variation on the narcissism: When people obsess over their children, grandchildren or pets. I have five kids, four grandkids and have had dogs since the 1980’s, but I try very hard not to direct every conversation back to them no matter what. And I hate slide shows of someone else’s vacation.

4. Being called “honey” or “sweetie”: I have written about this one in the past, and have referred to it as a form of ageism, but it can happen to anyone of any age. My wife can call me honey or sweetie (if her comment is not dripping with sarcasm), but others should please refrain from doing so.

5. Cold sales calls, especially on my cell phone: I thought the State of CT had a “do not call” system to guard against these unsolicited invasions of our privacy, but we get several every day now at home and, more recently, on my cell phone. And the call calls often show a local Bridgeport number on Caller ID even though the sales person may be far, far away from our area. Remember when Staples came out with the “That Was Easy” button. Well, I have a variation of that button that replaces “Easy” with two words that begin with “B” and “S” that I often play when I get these calls (doesn’t seem to stop them though).

6. Finally, here’s a political pet peeve: I consider myself a rational centrist who tries hard to consider any governmental policy matter in a non-partisan manner. What drives me crazy are those whose inpidual political prisms are totally clouded by either far left or far right talking points. And they are often rather shrill in expounding those talking points.  

I really do miss the political discourse I recall from the increasingly distant past when people had open minds on issues, would listen and consider what the “other side” had to say, and might even, God forbid, be persuaded to change their point of view occasionally.  

May we return to that far saner period someday.

I have a few more pet peeves which I might share in future “Mickey’s Mails”. You might let me know about your worst pet peeves, and I’ll share them, too.