Stephen Geyer, Team Bridgeport

The Bridgeport Regional Business Council is participating in the 2022 Chamber Wellness Challenge from April through June with two teams: Team Bridgeport and Team Stratford/Trumbull. Hear from participant Stephen Geyer on why he's chosen to participate and what he's learned over the past six weeks.

Winter Storm Tips for Family Caregivers

Being ready for a winter storm is especially important for caregivers who are responsible for their loved ones. Here are some things that you can do to be prepared.



The Green Economy Transforms the Bridgeport Region

The Park City and its suburban neighbors have emerged as state and national leaders in sustainability initiatives.

by Tony Silber

Change is in the air (and in the water and on the streets) across Bridgeport and the surrounding towns as efforts accelerate throughout the region to tap into the expanding green economy.

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