MEMBER BLOG: Economic Development in Trumbull

BRBC Member Blog: July 12, 2022

Trumbull has made the reoccupation and redevelopment of vacant and underperforming property a priority. Thoughtful planning, focus, and partnerships have led to the reoccupation and redevelopment of over 800,000 SF of vacant space over the past five years.

One area in particular, Trumbull’s southern industrial/commercial zone which encompasses a part of Reservoir Avenue as well as Lindeman Drive, Oakview Drive, and Cambridge Drive was over 60% vacant in 2017. The area had 315,000 SF of unoccupied space that was losing value for almost a decade. Through thoughtful planning and regulation changes that allowed for mixed-use development, the area is now sought after.

Ten Trumbull, the 202-unit luxury market rate 1 and 2 bedroom apartment complex, is fully occupied. The project was built on a 10-acre site that had a 70,000 SF office building that had been vacant since 2014. The former Henderson Lumber Yard, now The Woodside, comprising 199 apartments and townhouses has leased ahead of construction.

The River Valley Resort Community, a 55+ Independent Living facility, affectionately referred to in town as the cruise ship on land, was developed on the site of a vacant 40,000 SF office building. New activity in this area is by no means all housing. As the neighborhood came alive, business followed.

Five new businesses including The Learning Experience Preschool, DaVita Dialysis, Lindquist Supply, Synergy Homecare, and Neuropathy Associates, have all located to the area.
Cooperative Educational Services (CES) purchased the vacant 40 Oakview Drive to create a school for special education needs. Recently, the eyesore that remained vacant and blighted in the same neighborhood, 6 Cambridge Drive, a 60,000 SF building on which the town was pursing a foreclosure action, has gone under contract for purchase. The reuse will not be housing.

The town is also committed to public improvements to elevate the neighborhood. The entire area is scheduled for paving in 2023, and additional sidewalk connections to support walkability and quality of life in the area will be added. This did not take 20 years to turn around; it took 5 years of planning, focus, and partnership.

In other parts of town, significant reoccupation of vacant property has occurred. The former United Healthcare building at 48 Monroe Turnpike has been approved to be developed as a continuum of housing and related services for individuals 55+. Vacant land at the Westfield Trumbull Mall is under development as The Residences on Main, a luxury apartment development, is due to begin leasing this fall. And the Trumbull Corporate Park is filling up with a diverse group of new businesses like Image First Healthcare Laundry, Power Home Remodeling, Make-a-Wish CT Headquarters, D-BAT, Studio 35, Levco Oil and Propane, and more.

There are challenges ahead, but Trumbull sees these challenges as opportunities.

Content Provided by Rina Bakalar,
Economic & Community Development
Director for the Town of Trumbull