BRBC BLOG: 2022 Chamber Wellness Challenge Participant Spotlight: Stephen Geyer

Stephen Geyer, Team Bridgeport

The Bridgeport Regional Business Council is participating in the 2022 Chamber Wellness Challenge from April through June with two teams: Team Bridgeport and Team Stratford/Trumbull. Hear from participant Stephen Geyer on why he's chosen to participate and what he's learned over the past six weeks.


Chamber Wellness Challenge Participant Spotlight:
Stephen Geyer, BRBC Ambassador & Member of Team Bridgeport

Start of Week 7: #34 on the leader board @ 543,395 steps

Why I'm participating: For health benefits. I get my steps in in the morning, starting around 8:00 a.m. I walk around the mall on the 2nd floor and on my 4th lap, I go to my car to get water and take a break. Then I go downstairs and finish up my last three laps. I usually get in 13,000 steps from walking at the mall. I have been walking on average 6 days per week.

What I’m learning: Having good habits and being disciplined is important. I’m having fun. The first month was painful though!

Tips for success: Bring some music you can listen to or personal development tapes. It makes the walk go faster. Or, walk with someone. It goes by quicker! Also, have a goal of how many steps you want to walk in a day. And, find someone on the leaderboard you are trying to compete with, even if they don’t know. It will keep you motivated.

Goal: 1,000,000 steps (and I’m on track to get there!). When the Challenge is over I still aim to walk three times per week.

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