BRBC BLOG: Member Spotlight - Q&A with Chuck Presbury, Presbury & Associates

Q&A with Chuck Presbury, Founder and President, Presbury & Associates
August 17, 2020
From his first job in the non-profit sector to management trainer and beyond, learn more about the dynamic Chuck Presbury.

Presbury & Associates are experts in solving people and organizational challenges that can make or break a business. They serve firms of all sizes and across all industries with management training, executive coaching, team building, succession/organizational planning and employee conflict resolution. In addition to his consulting, Chuck teaches in the MBA program at Sacred Heart University. He has 30 years of experience as an HR executive with businesses like NBC, Pitney Bowes, McGraw-Hill, and S&P.

1. What Was Your First Job?

My first job was a Planning Director for a local United Way.  My job was to work with agencies and their boards on planning and budgeting.  I spent three years there learning aspects of fundraising, marketing, and training.  It was a great first step.

2. How did you get started in your career?

I was recruited out of the United Way to do management training for a major corporation.  I realized that managers usually performed poorly back on the job because they did not handle people and organizational problems well.  So, I began working in the operations as the go-to fixer for these problems.   I went on to leadership and organizational development jobs in businesses in a variety of industries.  

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

It is really rewarding to see a manager, or a team reimagine their purpose,  how they lead the organization and then how they go on to get employees excited about the business again.  

4. What is the best advice you have ever gotten?

When someone has an opposite point of view, do not dismiss it right away.  Instead, in your own mind, try to make a strong argument to prove that what they are saying is really a good idea.  You still may not agree in the end,  but you will learn something, possibly find common ground with the other person, and make your idea even better as a result.

5. What have you learned from the pandemic?

I have learned that there is incredible goodwill and bravery in our community.  It is inspiring to see so many who are willing to protect others by doing uncomfortable things like wearing masks, social distancing  and quarantining.  And I am thankful for our brave neighbors who kept working as essential workers during one of the most dangerous health crises of our lifetimes. We cannot thank them enough.

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