MEMBER BLOG: Conferencing Saves Money and Time

   March 20, 2020

Dave Dellacato, Schooley Mitchell

Conferencing Saves Money and Time

During global health concerns, many businesses are embracing work-from-home strategies to maintain productivity. This will, of course, require renewed focus on audio and web conferencing for many companies, who still need to communicate goals and strategies despite their employees often being outside of the office.

In a recent conversation with Leonard Landry, Business Systems Analyst for Clearwater Seafoods, a Schooley Mitchell consultant asked what the value of Audio Conferencing was to Clearwater. He said that the managers use it every week to have a meeting with the sales reps. He said it eliminates the cost of accommodation, meals and gas and went on to say that it saves valuable time because it doesn’t take the reps out of the field. After a half-hour conference call everyone is back dealing with clients. Leonard went on to say the Investor Relations department uses audio conferencing to interface with their shareholders. As Leonard pointed out, companies can cut down significantly on telecom expenses while maintaining communications with their key people on a regular basis.

There are several companies who offer excellent bridging rates and long-distance rates. Once you sign up you can manage everything yourself. There is no need to call an operator the day before to reserve and then wait while they connect you with your participants at the scheduled time.

The manager sends an email to the reps or clients giving the time for the call and the number with a password. They call in at the announced time and everybody participates. If there is background noise coming from a participant, he or she can mute that caller so that distractions are kept to a minimum.

When the call is completed the manager has access to an immediate report showing who participated, the length of time each person was on the call and the charges for the call.

Web conferencing takes conferencing to another level by allowing the display of a desktop or PowerPoint presentation. This is very useful for sales managers to review monthly sales figures with their reps or for a company to give a product outline to a prospective client who is halfway around the world.

Being situated in Connecticut, it can be costly to travel to seminars held in larger cities along the East Coast. Web conferencing, or webinars enable me to keep up to date with the changes in technology and learn about products and services of different companies.

Besides being able to view the presentation, participants are free to ask questions or make comments as they go along if that’s the way the moderator wishes to run the webinar.

Cost-conscious business owners are already making great use of these communication tools to maintain effective communications within their organizations across North America. There are many companies offering these products. They make it easier for you to make money and save it too. In our current work-from-home climate, conferencing is a sure-fire strategy to maintain productivity and efficiency during this uncertain time.

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