February 5, 2016

Jon Sinish, Sinish Marketing Communications

7 Ways to Ease Into This Wednesday's Business After Hours at People's United Bank 

Networking – such as the BRBC's Big Business After Hours event at People's United Bank this Wednesday – is a prime place for you to find more business contacts and create more partnerships for your business.

Here are a few observations I have gathered to help you expand your circle of contacts at the event.

1. Enjoy yourself and the sociability of the event. Everyone wears name tags. Read them to help identify people you want to talk with. Or just ask!

2. Be ready to focus on actively listening to others and participate in group conversations.

3. Be yourself.

4. Make yourself easily remembered by asking others to talk about their business (this could be the tip of the iceberg)! 

5. Almost no one is there to buy anything. But they are happy to discover businesses that can help theirs. So it's good to keep away from hard selling.                                Best: Agree to a follow-up email or phone call as the next step in building your relationship.

6. Right after the event, write down the names of the new people you've met and follow-up with them as promised. Your goal is to build and continue ongoing relationships.

7. Getting the most: To quote from "How To Work A Room", by Susan RoAne in 1988,

"The people who get the most out of business events have three traits I've observed.

a) They want to be there;

b) They are prepared… with cards; and

c) They have a clear idea of who they want to meet. …No matter how clear your focus, the impression you create depends on your ability to communicate a genuine caring and sincere generosity of spirit."

Even today – 28 years later – those words make the point!

See you at People’s United Bank on Wednesday, February 10th from 5 pm to 7 pm.


Jon Sinish of Sinish Marketing is an active member of the BRBC. He is an expert at navigating all the opportunities the BRBC offers local businesses - so much so that he is an official BRBC Ambassador!

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