Bridgeport Boatworks

MEMBER BLOG: August 15, 2022

Bridgeport Boatworks and RCI officials are thrilled. And why not? The addition of a major international ferry company coming to Bridgeport has serious positive ramifications. The agreement with Hornblower Group provides new opportunities for the community.

 Steelpointe at Night

MEMBER BLOG: July 27, 2022

Anyone who has been around Bridgeport for any amount of time has heard talk of renaissance, recovery, or revitalization.

Real Estate values are up, the grand list has increased, new entertainment venues have opened, and colleges and universities are evolving and expanding in our Greater Bridgeport Region.

BRBC Member Blog: July 12, 2022

Trumbull has made the reoccupation and redevelopment of vacant and underperforming property a priority. Thoughtful planning, focus, and partnerships have led to the reoccupation and redevelopment of over 800,000 SF of vacant space over the past five years.

One area in particular, Trumbull’s southern industrial/commercial zone which encompasses a part of Reservoir Avenue as well as Lindeman Drive, Oakview Drive, and Cambridge Drive was over 60% vacant in 2017. The area had 315,000 SF of unoccupied space that was losing value for almost a decade. Through thoughtful planning and regulation changes that allowed for mixed-use development, the area is now sought after.

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