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Leadership Greater Bridgeport

Executive Director: Lori King
203-335-3800 ext. 116 or king@brbc.org 

The charge of Leadership Greater Bridgeport is to identify the leaders of tomorrow, nurture their growth through training and education, and then identify the areas where they, acting either as individuals or as an alumni group, can do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

The program consists of a 10-month course of 10 daylong workshops, along with an orientation, tour and graduation ceremony. Throughout the course, the participants are trained in leadership skills, including team building, negotiation, coping with conflict, communication, decision making and listening. In addition, participants acquire an acute awareness of community issues and challenges through face-to-face discussions with community leaders. The program sessions, many of which occur at a location related to the topic, provide information on human services, the economy, demographics, local and state government, public safety and justice, health care, education, the arts, the media, transportation, housing and much more. During the course, the participants are broken into groups that develop and implement a project that addresses a current community problem.

Members of the Leadership Greater Bridgeport Board of Directors are as follows:

  Term Expires:
Caryn Kaufman, Class 15, Chair, Caryn Kaufman Communications, LLC 2015
Assaf Ben-Atar, Class 24, Class Rep, Pullman & Comely LLC 2014
Xiomara Chiluisa, Class 17, People's United Bank 2015
Kathleen Coarse, Class 22, Bridgeport Hospital  2016
David Daniels, Class 21, Bridgeport Police Department 2014
Bev Doyle, Class 21, Aquarion Water Company 2016
Maggie Dunigan, Class 14 2016
Joseph L. Gaudett, Jr., Class 7, Bridgeport Police Department 2015
Jim Gildea, Class 22, Bigelow Tea 2015
Rebecca Harriman, Class 20, HK Consulting Group, LLC 2016
Jayne Kuchma, Class 14, Kuchma Corporation 2015
Liz McGovern, Class 21, AFLAC 2014
John Sigona, Class 17, The United Illuminating Company 2013
Steve Stafstrom, Class 20, Pullman & Comley 2016
Belkis Vasconez, Class 23, TD Bank 2013
Stephanie Weirsman, Class 24, Class Rep, Yale New Haven Health 2014 
Scott Wich, Class 22, Clifton Budd & DeMaria, LLP 2015