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Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director:  Karen DelVecchio
203-335-3800  delvecchio@brbc.org

Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement
 To achieve growth and prosperity for business in Bridgeport.

The Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce is an affiliate of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and works as a resource, with its members promoting, assisting, advocating, with an emphasis on small business. The Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce will promote Bridgeport as a vibrant, attractive, business-friendly city.


Message from the Chair

The Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to the Park City!

The Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce is very proud of its Bridgeport home and knows you will find it intriguing and wonderful.  Spend a day in Bridgeport and you will create a lasting memory -- spend a week in Bridgeport and you'll never forget it.  From arts to food to sporting venues, there is always something for everyone.

Did you know that Bridgeport is home to:

  • the 5,500 seat Bluefish Stadium where baseball is played by the Atlantic League's Bridgeport Bluefish
  • the 10,000 seat Arena at Harbor Yard, where the American Hockey League's Bridgeport Sound Tigers skate
  • three institutions of higher learning, including one of the nation's fastest growing community colleges
  • dozens of parks (Bridgeport is known as "The Park City")
  • three theaters and a symphony orchestra
  • two leading hospitals
  • Connecticut's only Zoo
  • one of the highest social service sectors in the state
  • a large manufacturing and industrial base
  • a rapidly growing arts and restaurant sector
  • all situated on the beauty of Long Island Sound

At the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce, an affiliate of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, our mission is to achieve growth and prosperity for businesses.  To these ends, the Bridgeport Chamber provides programs and services for businesses to network and meet new customers, develop effective partnerships, increase profitability, improve professional skills and promote business interest to elected officials.  To meet these goals, the Chamber pledges to:

  • be sensitive and responsive to the needs of business and industry;
  • encourage broad community involvement in pursuing community goals;
  • develop, promote and provide leadership;
  • and present views of the business community.

The Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce loves the Park City of Bridgeport -- we invite you to come and embrace all it has to offer.

Randall Fescoe